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About The Founder

A little bit about me. I grew tired. 

Tired of seeing talented people bypassed because they lacked the "perfect resume".

Tired of misunderstood personalities that destroyed reputations and brand perception.

Tired of interviewers misleading and rejected qualified candidates because they interviewed "poorly".

Tired of ageism, racism, and overall discrimination that many people faced during the screening and selection process. 

This is why I started Crayne Career Solutions, LLC.



Crystal Chisholm
Founder & CEO, Crystal Chisholm

Hey there, I'm Crystal! Some call me Crys, Cryssie or "That Recruiter Girl". I am an Author, Speaker  Human Resources professional, Certified Diversity Recruiter. Although my human resources journey began in  2011, I started my journey in 2002 after writing my first resume for a friend who eventually secured employment just a week after applying. Since then, I've been hooked on helping individuals marketing their talent to the world.

My experience encompasses 18+ years of personal branding, speaking, resume writing, and recruitment experience within various industries. You can learn more about me here.

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