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Coaching Packages & Pricing

Each Coaching Session is customized to meet your individual needs. Below are sample packages.

*Standard Rate: $99 (per session)*

Packages include unlimited email support, resume revision and professional branding.



Getting Started

Ideally for: Recent graduates, individuals applying to jobs but not getting any lucrative responses, or those who lost employment and not sure where to begin. We will assess your career goals discuss top-notch job searching and interviewing techniques to increase your marketability.

$230 (includes 2 - 3 sessions)

Workforce Re-Entry

Ideally for: Individuals re-entering the workforce and in need of assistance with marketing and rebranding themselves to appeal to employers. We will identify your talent and focus on your transferrable skills to make you marketable.

$350 (include 3 - 4 sessions)


Ideally for: Individuals who may feel stuck in their current role and interested in enhancing their skills to advance or if feeling overwhelmed and need someone with an optimistic and practical point of view to put everything into perspective. Together, we will evaluate your current role and see if it's an ideal match using assessments and self-exploration techniques.

$495 (includes 3 - 4 sessions)

New Direction

Ideally for: Career Changers or individuals seeking a clear definitive career path. From beginning to end, I will get to the root of things, develop action plans, build your personal and professional brand and get you on the road to a fresh new start.

$675 (includes 4 - 5 sessions)

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