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ATS (Applicant Tracking System) will only choose your resume based on your relevance to the job. These systems are set up to detect a clear connection between their needs and your abilities. Most often, resumes are often chosen depending on the “weight system” (keywords+format+criteria). How do we know this? Well, in my former role as an HRIS Data Manager, I was in charge of developing the screening questions for the ATS, you know, the application that you go to fill out when you apply for a job on a company’s website.  I also created and posted job descriptions for the employer to attract candidates and retain talent. We will create a resume that will assist you in surpassing this software and into the hands of an actual recruiter.




If you got your resume done somewhere else and like the layout but not getting any hits on your resume, then it’s time for an upgrade! Maybe it’s the content, maybe it’s the look or maybe there are grammatical errors on your resume. Whatever the case, let us help you clean up that resume and get it into tip top shape.




Are you applying to jobs with a cover letter? If not, then you are eliminating yourself from the competition. Did you know that cover letters can be the determining factor in whether or not you are called in for an interview or selected for a job offer? Cover letters should be engaging, informational and relatable. Drawing in the reader is our specialty. Allow us to tell your career story, highlight your qualifications, and match your character to that of the company’s ideal candidate.




Applying to a job online with an ATS compatible resume is the fundamental step to getting your resume into the hands of a recruiter. ATS search for specific keywords on your resume along with other important factors that recruiters have set in place in order to eliminate the massive amounts of resumes received for job openings. The bad part about this process is that it’s not always fair because the criteria can be too rigid. Luckily, applying online through job boards is not the only way to seek employment opportunities. We will tailor a job searching plan for your desired industry and coach you through the process.




Your body language and overall appearance can enhance or prevent you from getting the career opportunity of a lifetime. Wouldn’t you like to see how you are perceived when answering questions? What better way to perfect your interviewing skills than to study and record your progress?!  Prior to conducting the mock interview, we will provide you an intense Interview Q&A guide which will be tailored for the job that you are applying to. During the mock interview process, we will record you while you answer those tough interview questions and provide valuable feedback at the end of the session.




Let’s face it…you’re applying for a new opportunity to obtain a better quality of life and of course, MORE MONEY! Most candidates are afraid or simply don’t know how to ask for what they’re worth. Believe it or not, it’s simple and it’s doable…as long as it’s done in a tactful and professional manner. We’ll show you how to lean in instead of shying away from the dreadful “salary question”.



THANK YOU EMAIL (follow-up after the interview)

Not your average “Thank You for your time” email, we ensure that you, the candidate, demonstrate your attentive listening skills by reflecting on the conversation that you had with the interviewer. We also employ persuasive writing techniques to explain why you are the ideal candidate for the job!




Put your LinkedIn profile into overdrive by allowing Crayne Career to take over! Tell us vision and allow us to execute it for you. We will develop and maintain an impressive profile on your behalf. Contact us for more details on how this can benefit you in reaching your goal.




Don’t need a complete takeover but would like to revise a few sections of your LinkedIn profile and learn how to maximize your LinkedIn account? We will share our screen with you as we show you how to optimize and manage your commanding profile that warrants attention and build connections using innovative strategies.




Having social media is one thing…sustaining it is another. Crayne Career will reveal ways to proactively embrace and leverage your overall online presence in order to develop and serve your brand. We will discover what roadblocks may be hindering your progress and provide you with a thorough report.




Looking for a near perfect way to separate yourself from the sea of resumes. Build your brand and develop your online presence with your own personal website or webpage! Wow employers, engage your peers and show them who you are and what you know. Having your own personal website is a wonderful investment because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The webpage/website allows you to build on your skills and showcase yourself to the world. You will no longer be limited to your local your local job market. Explore your options!




In the process of rebranding yourself? Making a career transition? Or just in need of an authentic document that fully encompasses all that you have accomplished in order to present to an organization, at a function or for a speech? A good professional bio is necessary as it shares who you are and what you represent to a potential client, employer or networking prospect. The tone of your bio is very important as it sets the mood for new and/or upcoming opportunities. Let us identify your brand, brag on your achievements and show them what you’re worth!




Seeking new opportunities, changing careers, returning to the workforce, or tinkering on entrepreneurship…let’s talk about it! Start an exciting brainstorming session with us as we identify your core, uncover the talents that you possess and plan out how they can be fully utilized. We begin with FREE 20-minute Discovery Call then guide you to take a 15-minute career assessment to build your career blueprint!









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