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Career Coaching-My Beginning

New Beggining

I get such an adrenaline rush helping others succeed! It's such a gratifying feeling to hear things like "I could not have done this without you or I never thought I had the potential to thrive in this career!". Since 2002, I have offered resume writing and career advice to friends, family, associates, and colleagues. It all began when a coworker asked me to edit a hard copy of her sister's resume. Secretly, I was intimidated by this challenge, however, I welcomed it. I questioned myself for at least 2 days on what tactics should be used to best tackle this resume. Suppressing my intimidation, I inserted a floppy disk into the computer (yes, I'm telling my age) and began copying her information onto a standard resume template. Since I wanted to make a good and lasting impression on my first client, I made sure to replace all of the dated words that were on her old resume with current industry jargon that "popped" then added some stylistic features to give it some more zest. Once I was done, I printed out a few copies and gave it to my coworker to give to her sister. Two weeks later, my coworker said with excitement in her voice "My sister got the job"! Yippee!!! I was so elated and thought to myself, "That was pretty darn good for my first time".

High off of my adrenaline rush, I went on to tell my friends and family that I can now write resumes. Oh boy, why did I open my big mouth? A sea of "favors" to edit or create resumes came my way. That's when I learned to pace myself and that practice makes perfect. My knowledge, vocabulary and industry jargon grew with each resume ranging in Food Service to Executive Director. Thereafter, I moved onto cover letters, professional bios, job proposals and LinkedIn profiles.

From 2008-2010, I slowed down to finish up my Bachelors degree in Human Resources and to focus on my growing family. At that time I also began shifting from Resume Writing & Career Coaching into a career in Human Resources so I engulfed myself with everything HR while still writing resumes and offering career advice on the side.

Fast Forward to 2016, here I am studying for my Human Resources certification and still receiving clients only through word of mouth. No marketing, no business cards, no webpage, etc. So a thought came to me that maybe Human Resources is not my calling. HR does not give me the same feeling that Career Coaching and Job Readiness does. The rush, fulfillment and sheer gratitude that I receive when I give someone valuable advice or help them get the job that they want is priceless! Enlightening people from all walks of life makes me grateful that I have the ability to possibly change someone's life. With this realization, I have decided to combine my Human Resources knowledge with my love for helping others succeed in this ever changing economy. I am dedicated to refocusing my energy back on Career Coaching!

So in short, I am a humbled, yet stoked Career Coach! Think of me as your Cheerleader, your pat on the back and your teacher.


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