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I'm Not Anything Like My Parents! So you think...

There are ups and downs in every relationship…especially between a parent and child. Throughout the years, I have had some rough patches with my Mom and always promised that I would never be like her. But as the saying goes "t

he apple doesn't fall far from the tree"...needless to say, I am slowly morphing into my mother. I still remember the first time that I recognized mirroring traits and said to myself “Oh my gosh, I sound just like Mom!” but it wasn’t so bad. So publicly, I would like to say:

“Mom, thank you for setting an example for me to follow. Thank you for instilling SOME of your most favorable traits. I apologize for the grief that I may have caused you (even though I was a straight A student, witty, funny, and focused on my future) I really don’t think I gave you that much trouble” {smile}.

The best attributes that I have acquired from my mother are:

  • A strong work ethic

  • Courage and Tenacity

  • An upbeat personality in the worst situations

  • The ability to keep my head high despite adversity

  • Researching, providing and/or applying simple solutions to the most complex situations

Not only have I acquired these skills, but they have helped me in the workplace and overall in life. At work, I have always been deemed happy-go-lucky and positive. My strong work ethic and problem solving attributes are frequently admired. As a parent, I am able to instill these wonderful qualities in my children, which in turn, works for them while in school building friendships with classmates and foster great student/teacher relationships for learning. I also try to encourage those around me to follow this same road map in life. These attributes work in every situation!

So I encourage you, to think about the positive attributes that you may have acquired from your parents and see how you can apply them to everyday life. Remember, our parents are our 1st teacher.


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