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Spotlight's on You: Acestra Robinson



Unemployed and searching for employment for 4 months, I began looking online for resume writing companies but was not impressed with what I saw. I was referred to Crystal and asked her to help me with reformatting my resume.


Crystal prepared an AWESOME resume for me!!!! My resume was so professionally crafted that I had two job interviews with the same company on the same day! Needless to say, the Regional Manager was very impressed. In fact, I received my resume in the beginning January and by February 8th, I was in training with my current employer.


My new job has great opportunities for career advancement, I am in a better location and the incentives can easily put me into a higher income bracket!


She is phenomenal at what she does and it was wonderful working with her. She asked all the right questions and made me feel good…especially after going through a life changing experience like losing my job. She made me feel special and you can tell that she genuinely cared which is so rare now-a-days. So I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and soul.

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