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Spotlight's On You - Cynthia Medina



As an expert in my field, I pursued opportunities to offer consulting services, however, I found it difficult to capture the attention of corporations or lock in consulting deals. I figured that my LinkedIn profile desperately needed a makeover so I asked Crystal to review my profile and revise if necessary.


Since Crystal updated my LinkedIn profile, I have received multiple job offers and seven requests for consulting jobs including two companies who informed me that they were willing to pay me whatever I asked for! Before changing my profile, I had only received one request in three years. Not only did she make my profile more pertinent to my actual work experience, she also accurately highlighted my abilities and achievements.


I have been requested as an expert panelist for Vendormate and the Credentialing Summit, quoted in an online medical device magazine and consulted a venture capitalist who won 3 million dollars to start her own credentialing company in Canada. I am constantly receiving requests for consulting work and respected in my field as the Queen of Credentialing…a title that I proudly wear.


Crystal is a joy to work with. She has a true passion for helping others achieve their goals and motivates you to show your strengths and be professional. Some people have a hard time writing down their strengths and highlighting their previous experiences and efforts in the workforce. You don't want to come across as full of yourself or showboating. Crystal not only reminds you that you deserve to show off your knowledge but she makes you feel comfortable doing so and motivates you to do even more. She recommends associations you may be interested in and classes you could benefit from. She offers a lot more than just her noted services. She truly becomes your mentor and personal motivational coach. If you want to get ahead and get a career going or if you're looking to take your existing career to the next level, I would highly recommend working with Crystal. Be prepared to not only receive the documents or process you paid for, but also to receive great advice on how to go from being an employee to becoming an integral part of your companies’ team. With her work and guidance, you will be on your way to achieving that and more.

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