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Spotlight's On You - Trevor Fernandes



Unhappy and in-between dead end jobs that offered minimum wage and no benefits, I thought about getting some professional help with my resume, job search and maybe some interview coaching. I wasn’t sure if that would solve my issue but, I had nothing to lose so I reached out Crystal to help me.


After my assessment with Crystal, she advised me that it would be wise to do two different resumes to effectively target my job search. So, she did one resume for Security jobs and the other for Truck Driving/Transportation jobs. Finally, I began getting calls for both types of jobs and landed jobs at Newark Airport and the State of New Jersey! My resume and interviewing skills were often complimented by those who interviewed me.


My new job offers amazing benefits and better pay. I can finally go back to school now because they offer tuition reimbursement. It also offers the potential to grow and move up quickly. I feel much more secure in this position than in my previous jobs.


Crystal was patient but also stern with me. She forced me to figure out what I wanted to do and made me stick to the plan. If I had questions about how to answer interview questions or needed to update something quickly on my resume, she always helped without hesitation. She encouraged me non-stop and never gave up on me even when I felt like giving up myself. She always remained optimistic that a better opportunity was ahead for me. I really appreciate her belief in me and professionalism during this trying time.

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