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Spotlight's On You - Emma Jones



For 1 ½ years, I searched for full-time employment but only appealed to staffing agencies for temporary work. I was frustrated and needless to say, disappointed because I had a ton of skills in addition to being multi-lingual but just couldn’t land something permanent. Crystal and I worked together briefly and often discussed our working experiences. She told me that she wrote resumes and shared some of her success stories. Since she was contracted at the hospital as the Human Resources Information Manager alongside with the recruiters, I trusted her judgement and set her my resume.


Besides my instant gratification, recruiters fell in love with the layout of my resume. Literally two weeks after I began applying with my new resume and cover letter, I received tons of emails and calls. At one point, I had 3-4 interviews in one week; it was unbelievable! Crystal also told me about the positive impact that a good thank you letter would have on my status, so she helped me with creating that as well. I am proud to say that my thank you letters have sealed the deal for 2 of my permanent job offers.


I am in my permanent, full-time position and can finally take a day off with pay! Also, I now have the availability to move around because the company has many departments that compliment my growing skills. I no longer feel limited in what I can do or achieve.


I was very impressed in how Crystal was able to capture what I was trying to say and not once did I feel judged for not knowing what to do. If you are from another country, it is best to allow someone who understands the industry to work with you. Crystal thoroughly explained everything to me and I felt confident moving forward.

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