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CCS-Job Searching Tip

​So you are searching for employment but not getting any hits on your resume? Is your resume the only document that you have used in your job search? If so, there lies the problem.

Yes all 3 ​ is needed​ ...unless you want to struggle with your job search or settle for a mediocre job. If your ultimate goal is get a job just to ​pay bills ​then fine. But if you are ready to invest into a career ​or build on your passion, then take the time to create these tools for success! ​Without them, you are limiting yourself and ALL of YOUR greatness.

Here's why you will want to have these career focused items readily available for your job search:

  • An effective & relatable resume creatively includes specific keywords which reflects the job description, highlights your accomplishments and explains how you can solve the company's problem.

  • A captivating cover letter tells your career story. Your cover letter introduces you, summarizes your character and compliments both your past and present work experiences to the job in which you are applying.

  • A results-​driven LinkedIn profile​ (with a picture)​ puts ​a face to your name​ and showcases your professionalism​. Your career objective and achievements should be easy to spot on your profile without having to dig through any unnecessary fluff.

DO NOT think for one second that a resume is all that you need to apply for a job in today's competitive job market! ​

If you feel like you have good content to add but unsure of how to include it​ on your resume or update your LinkedIn profile, reach out to me at and we will go over it together. ​

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