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Spotlight's On You - Katrina Haynes



I was working at a Title Insurance Company for more than a year when I was laid off. For two weeks, I lingered around my house devastated and worried that I would not find another job quickly because of the slow economy. I knew that I needed someone with professional experience in Human Resources so I reached out to Crystal to help guide me on what steps I should take.


A week after I began applying with the brand new resume and cover letter that Crystal created for me, I started to get calls for interviews immediately. I was excited but also nervous because I felt like I needed help with interviewing. Crystal coached me on how to present myself, what questions to ask and when to ask them. Within 1 week, I had 3 job interests. At my last interview with the 3rd company, I told the recruiter that I had 2 other jobs interested in me. The very next morning at 8:00 am, they called to offer me a job as a Residential Real Estate Paralegal. My superiors were so pleased with my work that I was promoted within 2 years to a Commercial Real Estate Paralegal role with Fidelity.


I absolutely love my job and the staff that I work with! This company offers job security, great vacation time, and awesome benefits. The flexibility and independence that I have is like no other job that I have ever had before; I am finally in a career that I love!


Crystal is an amazing person…she made me feel like a superstar! She always motivated me and gave me hope that something better will come along. I never thought that my resume would get noticed so quickly; especially since it is so competitive out here. But she knows how to highlight all of your skills to make you an in-demand candidate. You will not be disappointed.

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