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Spotlight's On You - Rob Mirenda



After working with my company for 5 ½ years, I learned that they were closing their doors. I was never worried about getting a job, but I knew I had to find employment quickly. I immediately went into survival mode for the benefit of my family and enlisted help from Crystal after seeing her work and hearing testimonials from my colleagues.


Crystal produced an attention-grabbing resume and cover letter for me. Even my wife, who is a business professional, was skeptical at first and told me “this doesn’t look like a resume”. However, Crystal’s unique style and creativity forced employers to call me in for interviews. I was told that my resume was visually appealing and my cover letter drew them into my career story…it was like reading a book!


Talk about having an ideal job…working for Jet Aviation is it! Not only am I given the opportunity to do everything right by the book and maintain FAA compliance, but I also have the pleasure of working closely with my on-site director of maintenance on a daily basis. This luxury allows us to get to the root of any issues through face to face interaction; not emails or phone calls. I also work in an extremely friendly work environment with colleagues who find pleasure in mentoring me about techniques that may seem unfamiliar or collaborating with me to troubleshoot new or recurrent issues.


Crystal is so easy going and patient. She took the time to research my industry and inquire about my background as an Air Force Veteran. Our long coaching session covered my 26 years of working experience in aviation for a regional airline, FBO, a major airline and two private jet companies. Based on that information, she innovatively infused all of my verbal content into written marketing materials to show me off. She is awesome!

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