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Spotlight's On You - Angie McDonald



After being an independent consultant for almost 2 years, my contract ended abruptly. I was unemployed for the first time ever for almost 6 months…it felt like an eternity! Having demographic research and administrative optimization for a niche recruiting firm and 6 years of Contract Management for the local government in Florida, it was hard to accept that I might have to accept a ‘regular’ clerical position. The application process seemed so draining. Many days, I stayed at Panera Bread from open until close applying to all types of positions with little or no success. Thankfully, Crystal offered to assist with my resume and I gladly accepted the offer!


By June 2012, I began using the new version of my resume and cover letter and was hired by mid-July. I was initially called to fill a Senior Recruiting Administrative temp position but was told that I may not be in the final selection because the talent pool was so high. However, I continued with the interview and gave it my best. About a month later, the same firm called me back and told me that there was an In-house Director position that they thought I would be an ideal match for. Two weeks later, I met with the Senior Vice President in what was supposed to be a 1-hour interview. 3 ½ hours later, I was hired and negotiated a salary that was never offered for my position!


This current job is a new experience all together. I’ve been blessed to be an advocate for the disabled, disabled Veterans, re-entry and at-risk individuals, providing ways for them to have priority consideration for job opportunities. I currently manage a satellite location for this large non-profit and have built relationships with over 200 non-profit organizations and initiatives, bringing assistance and awareness to their job seekers.


Not only did Crystal revamp my resume and highlight my strongest attributes, she encouraged me to pursue a career in the non-profit industry as it closely aligned with my skills and experiences. She is sincerely passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. Her keen sense of listening and assessment is phenomenal. She helped identify core and very essential talents that I thought weren’t noteworthy. She also gave a ‘formal’ title to many of my long standing services and talents that I have perfected over the years.

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