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6 Key Areas Recruiters Focus on When Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile

Much like your resume, your LinkedIn profile should be easy to read, captivating and highlight your wealth of accomplishments in each role. Below are 6 areas that you should focus on when perfecting your LinkedIn profile: Profile Picture -Provide a professional head shot with an inviting smile. A smiling photo makes you seem approachable and friendly. Who wouldn't want to work with someone like that? Headline-Strategically condense your skills with the use of a headline. This will increase your visibility in the competitive job market. Summary - When creating/updating your summary, answer the following questions: "How would I like to be defined?" "What do I know, how well do I know it and how many years have I been doing it?" "What will the company benefit from hiring me?" Employment History - There is no need to bullet point this section; a summary will do. However, you should also include your top 2-3 prominent tasks/assignments that you have done and own it! Recommendations-Enhance your value-add with a recommendation! Recommendations will share what your colleagues and leadership thought about you or your work ethic. Were you known as an Excel guru, a marketing extraordinaire or the go to person for technology savvy projects? Then request that your contributions be captured and shared in a recommendation! Causes-What are you passionate about? Say you're a Software Developer at a prominent IT firm, however your are passionate about Advocating for Children. A recruiter will notice your cause and feel confident to reach out to you for a position...maybe as a Software Developer within a Human Rights organization.


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