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Professionally Branding Yourself with an Impactful Headline

I love headlines! They separate the professional achievers from the average doers. Headlines demand attention and immediately displays a candidate's confidence. Whether you use a headline on your resume or LinkedIn profile, it is important to choose a headline that conveys exactly who you are. LINKEDIN HEADLINES

Besides your picture and name (credentials included), the most equally important field on your LinkedIn profile is your headline. Why? Because it defines your purpose and expertise! Using a headline allows recruiters to find your profile easily with a simple search. RESUME HEADLINES

Instead of using the cliché and broad titles like "Professional Profile" or "Career Summary", opt for a headline that conveys the job title of your choice like "Pediatrics Registered Nurse" or "Insurance Claims Analyst". Remember, recruiters read hundreds of resumes a month so they have little time to actually read your resume in detail and they often skim to efficiently and expediently fill positions and post new openings. If you choose to use a headline, be sure that the remainder of your resume focuses on your headline and the job that you are seeking. TIP: It has been said that a recruiter reviews a resume in 6 seconds or less so try the 6 seconds rule. Have someone skim your resume/cover letter in 6 seconds and ask them what is your expertise or what stuck out to them. If they can't give you an answer you, then YOU have a problem! Need help with creating or revitalizing your LinkedIn profile and/or resume? Email and let's get started.

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