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Interviewing the Interviewer

Is this your facial expression when an interviewer asks "Do you have any questions for me"? Do you wiggle uncomfortably in your seat, stutter, or just blurt out "no"? Did you know that responding "no" could hurt your chances of moving forward in the selection process?

HOW TO OVERCOMING THIS OBSTACLE have to ask questions, there is no way around it. A candidate without any questions is a candidate who is not interested. While that may not be the reality, it is, however, the perception that many of recruiting and hiring managers perceived about some job applicants. Needless to say, the best way to make an everlasting impression during an interview is to ask specific questions about the company and position. Below are few ways that you can excite the interviewer and peak their interest in you as a candidate:


Pride and sarcasm take a backseat! Be tactful and respectful when asking questions. Never come off like you know everything; be receptive to the information that you receive. Don't forget to smile and give a firm handshake🏽 at the beginning and end of your interview.


Some of the best questions asked are those that reflect recent company press releases, newsworthy mentions or public information about the company's culture. Don't just rely on Google, go directly to the company's website, LinkedIn page, or industry-specific publications to find out accomplishments, partnerships, mergers, etc. Not only will you impress the interviewer, but you will also be able to convince the interviewer that your qualifications can further add to the company's success🏾.


Don't just sit there, nod your head and smile...get your pen out and write! It is imperative to take notes during your interview because it will show your keen "attention to detail and comprehension" skills which are quite pivotal in just about any position. What better way to express your desire to work for the company than to summarize the position, work environment, company's expectations and well, of course, the names and titles of everyone that you've met...Checkmate!

Good Luck!

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